Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Starbucks.. after all this time

My last experience with SB was not a very pleasant one. After having Japs meal (sashimi) in Citos, Sonia and I decided to finish it with a strong cuppa coffee. Then we go downstair and visit SB. I can describe the espresso in one word.. yuck! It's a bit oily and burnt. The demitasse is not even warm, and no crema at all. The aroma is burnt, streaking and harsh. Whilst the acidity and body is not worth noting here. I think the barrista was having a problem of her own.. Please girl, keep it home!

Then with such trauma, I visited another SB to meet my relatives. About a month passed by. This time, it's Kampung Kemang (known as Ranch Market Buncit). The SB here is having much more pleasant atmosphere. The barrista is a guy. Well, that's a hope. Dana, his wife Tante Win, K'Umma and my Sonia is not a heavy coffee drinker. Well, some of them claim that they do, but you know.. you can see how big a coffee drinker a person is by measuring how much sugar they put in their cup :) More sugar mean less fanatics.. to me..

None of them order real coffee. So I did. I try my luck by ordering brew of the day. The smiling barrista said that it's guatemala. I'm in no mood of asking "what combination? which roast?" I just order the regular brew of the day.. Brew them mate, and give 'em to me!

"Should we leave space for milk, sir?" he said. "No Lad, fill 'em up!" said I.

The mug was warm, and the coffee was steaming. I just need to put about a teaspoon of sugar. Surprise! This coffee is good!

The aroma is delicate and not that bursting. More to robusta side. Then I expect a full body, medium acidity and living combination of flavour. Which.. came true.. The flavour was surprisingly complex but smooth. I notice a bit of nutty hint, creamy but not too spicy. This will go good with a thin layer of full milk or fifty-fifty of chocolate. This stuff will be great as mocca, surely is. The finish was clean and pleasant but not that fast. I think its beacuse I let the coffee to cool down a bit.

Being the cheapest drink on the list (hey, brew of the day is always the cheapest in SB!) the result is amazing. So next time I go to SB, I just try my luck with another brew of the day. No offence to those fancy brew.. moccachino.. macchiato.. I like them too, but trust me a cuppa ordinary black stuff may surprise you sometime.