Friday, July 30, 2004

So another cuppa

Plaza Senayan.. strange place there is. I had a meeting with AdiWT (with Miyoo, of course) and Nino, my best buddy. Nothing specific to mention about the place though.. just a fancy block housing many resto, cafe and fancy store.

After finishing my lamb kebab (nothing special worth mentioning here), we move to a cafe called Coffee Club. That night was my first experience of having coffee together with a serious coffee drinker. AdiWT he is..

The first page of the menu was browsed and Adi gave his suggestion. "The first three is overrated, the last three is over priced.." so go on to next page..
Moccha Java it is..

This is simple brew coffee (siphon type brewing). Warmth and size is good. Visual is clear and nice. This cup surely please the eyes. But you don't drink coffee with your eyes, don't you?

Dissapointing.. The aroma is very light. It should be better than this. What do you have back there, Mate? Months old bean? Come on.. buy fresh one!

Acidity is nearly there, whilst the body is as thin as Indonesian Model. This baby has lost almost all of her flavour. No nutty taste, no chocolaty flavour (as the name "Moccha" should implies). No nothing.. But the sweet after taste is there nicely..

Overall, this Java lady that should be sweet, passionate, not too sexy but appealing is failed to appear at her top form. What came to our table that nite was a sad, broken hearted, gloomy Java lady.. sweet, but having no passion..

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